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CORIUM CLOTHING would like to help you to help us in making our world a better place to live by producing more eco-sustainable sportswear options available for you online today.

All our product choices are made consciously with a decision to reduce our environmental impact within the clothing & retail industry. And where we cannot achieve this, we offset any co2 impact through our tree planting programmes.

We are actively acting to reduce our co2 emissions within the clothing industry. So all of our products are selected based upon this principle. Our products are entirely sweatshop free and use natural or recycled materials where possible without compromising the standards and quality of our garments. And all our products are made by real people with good working conditions.

As a company, we live and breathe sports and outdoor activities for people who love feeling comfortable whilst working out, so we understand that the experience you feel when engaging in any sports activities makes the importance of a superior quality garment even more essential for everyone with an active lifestyle.

At Corium, we believe that stylish activewear should not be at the expense of our planet, so we offer you more sustainable choices without compromising on style, giving you the peace of mind that our garments are greener for you, the earth, and all future generations.

CORIUM CLOTHING provides a greener, eco-sustainable and better product choices for all people with an active lifestyle.

"We cannot change the past, but we can create a greener future together ."

''CORIUM'' … Strength from Within…

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