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Our impact. Our planet.

Our purpose is to understand our impact on our planet whilst recognising areas to reduce, reuse, and recycle for everyone.

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When we recognise all areas of our environmental impacts and then make the necessary changes to address them, we move forwards to a more sustainable future for all. For this reason, we have embedded into our social and environmental policies how we work to address the societal issues that matter most for our customers, employees, business, and the industry that we work in today. Our impact agenda creates a true path of change for all communities were engaging with on an internal and external basis. And our eco-strategies are organised into various interconnected areas, each of which has a vision for success in helping to reduce the impact we all have on our planet. These are just part of our vision in combating all areas of negative impact whilst contributing to a greener planet for all future generations.

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Responsible Supply Chain.

We know that a responsible supply chain starts with our decisions in choosing the companies we engage for our garment ranges. So, at Corium, we partner with companies that meet our values and commitment to our environment. And sourcing the right products for our customers now and in the future doesn’t cost us the Earth. Our company code of ethics outlines our manufacturing expectations which uphold international standards to ensure that our supply chain partners adhere to consistent practices. 

Better Products.

We are committed to making products that are better in every way for our customers and our planet. The practices we adopt today will create solutions that enhance our product's eco-credentials, minimise the negative impacts, and therefore contribute to helping restore the environment for all future generations. We are now focusing on making products with more eco-friendly sustainable materials, which will offer our customers better end-of-use solutions to help them move forward towards a more circular ecosystem when choosing sportswear apparel.

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Climate change.

From our simple beginnings, we have been working towards a carbon-neutral future, and we are looking at cutting, reducing, and offsetting our emissions and those created for us within our supply chain. We are setting targets and adopting practices to achieve these goals on every level.

Make waste obsolete.

Waste clothing within our industry needs addressing on all levels. So at Corium, we have adopted the practice of buying only a small quantity of items within our collection ranges so that we don't have an excess number of unused products on our shelves or within our supply chain. This practice helps reduce the environmental impact that our clothing range has on the planet we all like to call home.

Offsetting Journey

At Corium Clothing, we are fully aware of the impact that the clothing industry has on our planet. this is why we are planting trees to help offset the Co2 within our garment & accessories supply chain. From the manufacturing process of our goods to the logistical services used in bringing them all to our Wearhouse in Manchester. We achieve this by calculating the CO2 produced within our supply chain. Then we plant trees to offset all the impact we have had, helping us reduce and offset our impact on this beautiful planet that we all like to call our home.

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