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Carbon Neutral Shipping


When we ship your goods

We plant a tree for you to help offset the environmental impact of the journey of a parcel. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a carbon-neutral product and delivery for all our garments and services when we ship them to your door. So, we plant a tree for every parcel that we send you.

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Carbon footprint

Eco Mailers

We use eco-friendly biodegradable mailers when shipping our goods

Helping you in reducing your environmental waste and carbon footprint at the same time

Offsetting delivery Journey of goods

At Corium Clothing, we are fully aware of the impact that the clothing industry has on our planet. this is why we are planting trees to help offset the Co2 within our garment & accessories supply chain. From the manufacturing process of our goods to the logistical services used in bringing them all to our Wearhouse in Manchester. We achieve this by calculating the CO2 produced within our supply chain. Then we plant trees to offset all the impact we have had, helping us reduce and offset our impact on this beautiful planet that we all like to call our home.

What is your delivery time & cost?

How can I check my order and delivery status?

See our Shipping & Deliveries FAQs 

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