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The Evo Resistance Band Set 0.1.


"Unleash your full potential with our versatile resistance bands designed to handle every challenge! From toning to strengthening, our bands offer a seamless transition between low, medium, and high resistance levels, catering to all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our bands are your ultimate companion in achieving your fitness goals. Get ready to elevate your workouts and sculpt your body with ease!"


Product Features


The resistance levels can be found by the solid dots indicators on the labels or with the band colours.


1 Solid dot: low resistance (Light Blue Band)


2 Solid dots: medium resistance (Pink Band)


3 Solid dots: high resistance (Purple Band)



Each band has a circumference of 74cm (29.1") and a width of 8cm (3.1").



Our Environmental Promises to You


For this Item,


As part of our environmental promises, we plant ten trees and donate to a well-known water charity to help offset the environmental impacts of this product on our planet for you and future generations.


The Evo Resistance Band Set 0.1is part of our evolution range. This range is limited.


Corium ''Strength from Within''... 


SKU EVO-A- 10008

Evo Resistance Band Set 0.1

SKU: EVO-A- 10009
VAT Included
Color: Black
  •  Product Features

    • Stretchy
    • 3 colours
    • corium 3d badge with dot indicators
    • includes a free bag for storage
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